Since the premiere of the sci-fi blockbuster “transformers”, the expectations of automotive fans have greatly increased. The mind of every gear lover has been opened to unimaginable innovation and we have waited patiently for the first wonders to arrive. Even though technology has greatly changed, the automobile industry we were yet to be completely overwhelmed with till 2017. Built from nothing but sheer genius and unrelenting endeavor, I present to you three of our top automotive wonders for 2017.


It has been depicted on various Hollywood movies with high-tech concepts and even fictional movies such as “Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets”’, and the idea of a flying vehicle seemed more like alien technology “flying saucer” until the Aeromobile company decided to take the bull by horn, manufacturing the first flying car. The CEO of the company Juraj Vaculik confirmed that the flying would hit the market this year. The anticipation builds as collectors await the set date, April 20th where the vehicle will make its debut at the top marques Monaco super show.

The flying vehicle is a hybrid with 4 wheels. It mechanism is simple, drive down a straight path, deploy wings and take off. The prototype needs about two hundred meters to take off and fifty meters for landings. The commercial model is expected to feature two-seater with over 400 miles, an autopilot speed of over 120 miles per hour.


Another fiction is born as Cadillac launches a self-driven automobile with code name “super cruise”, set to debut this fall. The system features hands-free technology that allows navigation without manual contact. This means that the driver can sit back and have a bottle of champagne while on the road without worries of collision. The Cadillac system features.

  • CT6 driver assistances technology
  • Adaptive cruise control with a lane monitoring system which operates using a blind spot.
  • Tesla’s auto pilot system, which is sort of a safety mechanism, like an eagle eye that detects other motorists ahead with audible safety alert.
  • Camera and GPS sensors which are able to anticipate uneven terrain such as hills and curves while on the road. The possible price for this vehicle is yet unknown.


Sequel to the 707 horse power dodge challenger known as the hellcat comes an even faster model, the SRT demon. This is currently the fastest car in the world if I might add, no questions asked. It comes with a V8 and burns 0-60 mph in 2.3 seconds and attains the quarter mile at a ridiculous 9.95 seconds t 140mph. The national hot rod association (NHRA) had to lay a Ban which prevents owners (amateurs new to racing) of the demon from racing because the vehicle has been tagged “too fast to race” at local drag racing leagues.

The demon comes with a five year warranty and is expected to debut this fall. The pricing is yet unknown but it is definitely worth owning.

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