CHEVROLET CAMARO 2016: Automated SOS Notification

This brand comes with an automatic crash response button which will connect to an emergency service provider in case of crisis or disaster situations. This priority connection is on permanent and can be very vital for rescue purposes. The Chevrolet Camaro also features on-stairs mobile Wi-Fi and 4G LTE connectivity which presently has the automobile industry abuzz.


This brand is equipped with infra-red enabled thermal imaging technology which is visible on a display screen. This Technology detects thermal Energy at Night which enables humans and larger animals stand out in the darkest of night. This vehicle all featured a few innovations with regards to illumination such as adaptive head lights. Audio warnings are also included to inform you of impending dangers.


The driver’s alert device is a technology designed to call the attention of a driver who may have become drowsy while driving and briefly loses control of bearing. This Technology uses camera based mechanism to compare the consistency of the steering wheel to the line markers on the road ahead. If the driver’s steering input is inconsistent with the former display it reads an unstable pattern which means “tired or drowsy driver” This sets off an Audible tone that is sure to wake anyone with “break time” display message on the display screen. This is a sure way to avert road hits due to a brief shut- eye.

SUBARU IMPREZA 2016: Automated brake and Impact Alert.

This brand has had success in recent times with sales and the demand for vehicle of this brand is at an all-time high. The new automated brake technology simply sets off another chain of demand in the market. This vehicle features a crash-prevention technology that utilizes camera system as driver assistance to detect imminent crashing and applies Automatic brakes to mitigate collision. It also features Audible warning in situation of lane departure.

Safety is key and the Automobile industries are leaving no stone unturned in providing excellent safety features that would greatly reduce road accident casualties. The advancement in safety technology is outstanding. Just imagine what can be achieved a few years from now.

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