Revwerks Wheels now offering Miro Wheels

Revwerks Canada has partnered up with Miro wheels to announce they will now be stocking Miro wheels in both the USA and Canada warehouses. With 20 years of experience, the Miro wheel manufacturing and distribution brand continues to set the pace with its luxury series such as the 398 which has created a huge buzz in the aftermarket. Wheel enthusiasts and automotive fans have taken the time to analyze the magnificence of the 398 series. The flow form, light weight alloy mass is as strong as ever with the ability to withstand an impressive load without disfiguration. This is a clear indication of the improvements in technical production application of wheels by the Miro brand.

The highly competitive Miro 398 wheels comes with the classic 6 spokes concave design which exudes perfection in its simplest form. The brand provides radical wheel options for renowned brands such as Hyundai Genesis coupe, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Lexus, Scion, and Subaru which are fitment compatible with the 398 series.

Miro 398 is built with the toughest components such as the 6061 T6 aluminum alloy which is known for tensile strength, and durability. It features a low pressure single piece of cast, premium powder coat and machined polish finishing; All the requirements for a deluxe standard wheel.

Most automotive enthusiasts are meticulously particular about their choice of wheels. It is said that every brand has its edge, its style, its own crest, and a signage of uniqueness and quality. This differs, not just across brands but also between series of the same brand. The touch of elegance, the idea, and character which is brought to life by the intricacy of the design, each wheel set is bound by a code of quality and flamboyance which is peculiar to its series. The 398 is one of a kind, with its exclusively classic design and daunting simplicity; built for tough terrains and weather conditions. The Miro 398 gives you everything you need in a wheel.


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